Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Starting a new blog for the new year!!

I'm getting back into blogging, for several reasons:

Rob Weyman and I are starting up a new webcomic (to be announced in the next couple days!!!) This blog will feature some behind the scenes sketches and scripts as they are made.

Professional Work: Within the next few months I am going to have tons of animation and goodies to show from work at Reel FX Studios!

Personal Work: I am making an effort to start drawing often again. I will post all my works here!! (and on Deviantart)

Caricatures and Portraits: Eventually I want to start up a professional quality caricature and portrait service to go along with the new webcomic.

2011 is gonna be one helluva year!!! Here are a bunch of sketches I did recently of some facebook friends:

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