Monday, October 10, 2011

Daffy's Rhapsody Clip Online!!!!

Above is the 2nd half of Daffy's Rhapsody, a new Looney Tunes CG short from Warner Brothers with all CG imagery by Reel FX Studios. I can say without a doubt this has been the most intense project I have ever worked on. Not just for myself but the whole studio -- and the work shows -- the artists really came together to push the boundaries on what has been done with cartoon CGI. It was a grueling, however lucky experience being the animation lead on Elmer Fudd. I have learned more in those months than I had in the bulk of my career. Not to mention, what an opportunity to animate to Mel Blanc and Billy West!!!

When the public sees this on the big screen they are going to notice that nothing of this style and quality has been done before. I want to thank every artist that touched the project and personally give a MAJOR thanks to all the animators -- sculpting every frame of these difficult characters was NOT easy!!!

Anyway, the clip is pretty crappy quality and the audio sync seems off in some places, but I hope you get to see it before they take it away. I'm not 100% positive on what theatrical film this is going to play in front of so I'm going to hold off on that. But I know Happy Feet 2 is going to premiere with another Mel Blanc singing short we worked on starring Slyvester and Tweety.

Hope you enjoy!

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