Sunday, April 3, 2011


I saw some people the other day. Said people were all like... HAY ERIC YOU GAVE UP ON HATEFARM PRETTY QUICK and I'm all like NO SIR OR MADAM I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THE COOLEST CARTOON SHORT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN AND IT HAS BEEN ABSORBING ALL OF MY TIME. But in an effort to better connect with my inner internet, I vow to daily post doodles, cool music and other inspiration till I get back to HATEFARM'in. It gives me something to do outside of CONSTANT ANIMATION. I would also like to take this time to mention Justin Scheetz is the coolest cat this side of Mars.

Today, this epic beautiful lovesongelectrojam from ze Crystal Methods.
Falling Hard

I am running, 
I will meet you halfway. 
When I get there will you be waiting for me? 
I am scared, 
that you don't feel the same. 
And after all, 
just how much can I take? 

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