Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hate Farm Comic #2

Quadruple punchline from Rob Weyman, give it up folks. No time to put it on the site right now, but thats okay because Justin Scheetz has been working hard on the new site design, which is really going to put your website to terrible, terrible shame.


NEXT UP we have some behind the scenes action, in case you were wondering how I draw these comics. Starting with the script from Rob:

"5: Cam girl, lowering a strap and biting her lip "any cute guys in here want to chat? PM me" Zombie gets up and makes a move towards rickrollin' Norris

6: End with Kid yelling - "TITS OR GTFO!" Camgirl just about to show said tits.Zombie gnawing on Chuck Norris' head, still weakly singing. LOLcat hangs self, holding note that says "i can be an hero?""

Then some sketchies and the final product:

This is the super rough version, I will draw the whole page at once (not zoomed in) like this. I am mainly figuring out the talk bubble placement and compositions.

Here is where I am actually figuring out the characters anatomy and detail. I try to keep this quick so that I can maintain some energetic linework.

 And of course, final linework and then final coloring. For coloring I will use the paint inside function in flash so that I dont have color lines overlapping the black outlines. I'll usually use 1-2 dark tones and 1 bright tone. Closeups always get special treatment, stuff that is farther away is usually done roughly since these comics can take around 8-14 hours to complete!!!

Happy hate farming!

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  1. Hahaha Funny comic and possibly even funnier foreword!