Friday, January 28, 2011

Open Season 3

Well, Open Season 3 is out on DVD, and last night ReelFX got to see the finished product at a screening here in Dallas, with director Cody Cameron in attendance (he is pretty much the coolest guy, ever).

The screening was incredible!!! ReelFX really knocked it out of the park. I don't think there is a single animated CGI animated film out there with the same budget constraints (and some budget constraints they were) that looked this good from all departments. I want to congratulate everyone on a job very, very well done.

This was my first job as a lead animator, and I was in charge of the three bears -- Boog, Doug, and Ursa. Talk about sexy, sexy learning experiences. And whats more sexy than bears? Nothing.

It was really great to hear some of my shots get some major laughs. Ain't nothing more an animator could ask for. Except maybe to get some people to cry, but it wasn't really that kind of movie. :D

Here are some screenshots of some shots I animated. I'll be updating my demo reel soon and you can see em in action! Wheee!!!

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