Saturday, January 15, 2011

Merry Melony

I'm taking a break from Merry Melony to work on HATEFARM, (not to mention I'm animation lead on a really big, time consuming project at ReelFX) but I thought I'd post some screenshots of the follow up to Merry Melony Ep 1. Gotta fill this blog up with more pics :)


  1. I remember first seeing Merry Melony when I was, oh, 13? One of those things that made me love flash and animation generally. I am very, very happy to see this project is still alive. Keep it up! I'm enjoying your webcomic too, and I'm glad you've found success as an animator.

  2. I must watch Merry Melony at least once a week since 2005 and it still never gets old. I had Elliot's phone message as my voice-mail for years and "Do give the roof a visit, I hear it's a marvellous place to go before you die" as my ringtone. Excellent when it rang in elevators!

    The only thing I wish before I leave this world is that just one more episode is released. Even unfinished.

  3. Check it out guys: it's being revived as an animated graphic novel.